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Monday, November 29, 2021

 Hello My Artsy Friends!

Wow, here we are on the last days of November

and headed straight into December!

We've had our first covering of snow and it was just enough to make

everything glisten and sparkle.

 Festivities are feel brighter going into this Holiday Season!

I have a feeling,  

you might be ready for a few things

that's going to be 

happening this coming month!

Let's take a look!

But, First

take a look at some wonderful Studio News :)

Completed painting for this month

Blue Jay, Visiting the Garden!

He's painted in acrylics on studio canvas 11" x 14"

If you'd like to know more about him

he's now listed on my website at:

Now for more News!

Are you ready for a Fine Art Show?

I am very excited to say, I submitted 2 paintings and they will both be 

exhibiting at the show!

These incredible oil paintings have been in my private art collection

and this is the first time they are being offered to the Public.

Pouring New Life!

Framed 16" x 20"
Oils on Canvas 


Total Life!

Framed 16" x 20"
Oils on Canvas 

These paintings are not on my website.
If you are interested in them and are not going to the show, 
please feel free to email or dm me.

For the month of December there will be oodles of chances to Win Art as well!

If you haven't yet, 

Please sign up to our Monthly Newsletter at:

to be entered into the draws!


Something may be happening this coming Friday! ;)


Follow us on Social 

to keep up with any New News, Spontaneous Draws, Gifts & Offers!

From the Heart!

We really want to help this Holiday by giving where we can.

I have a few paintings, I would like to donate to several families.

If you know of someone who would appreciate a scenic painting from myself

and is unable to purchase one for themselves, please reach out to me 

by email at:

 and let me know their story.

Why they would like it and how my painting can help them is really what is needed for this authentic

gift giving offer.

Good deeds are great to do and should be done far more often!

When I am able to I give paintings to those I care about

nothing expected in return.

Except, maybe when they are able to pass a gift on in a way that they can. 

I have had strangers (Angels) come into my life when I needed them. 

My only hope is that I can do the same for someone else and that one day

they as well can do the same for others. 

Pass it on!

We sincerely hope you are all doing well!

Take care,

Lynda :)

Thursday, October 28, 2021

 Hello My Artsy Friends!

We are on the tail end of October and  headed into 

November with all it's Magnificent Fall Glory.

I wasn't sure if we'd get to 

 go up to Algonquin Park 

and witness the Peak of the Fall Colours!

But, God is Good!

We were able to go, :)

Exciting News from the Art Exhibit at the Algonquin Visitor Centre Art Show!

The Trillium painting Sold

Congrats to the New Collector!

News from Studio paintings!

This month I was able to complete this painting 

Titled: Garden, Visitor!

Within hours of posting on Social Media

it too was SOLD!

Congrats to this New Collector!

Aren't these really exciting times we are living in as an artist!

Our expansion, due to Covid 

has increased our abilities to reach the world via social.

It is a shame, it had to take this devastating world pandemic 

to make the world come together through the arts.


Maybe, it's our voice, that speaks to the world

as we are all going through this together.

The Support that has poured in

is a Tribute to the work

being done.

My paintings are meant to brighten your day,

in all of the darkness of the world,

let these paintings take you to another place!

A happy place, that takes you away from all the bad out there.

I Love sharing with you what pleasant surprise the day has given to us, :)

(sure, we see the bad, the ugly and that in which we do not

want to talk about or focus on. Life is not all that sometimes)

We hand that over to the man upstairs, he'll deal with it.

It takes awhile to maybe figure this out, but when you do,

You realize you are here for something far greater!

Keep being you, whatever that is for the betterment 

of humanity!

Good will come and replace all that other.

An example of this came from me pivoting

a little on my paintings this year.

I began enjoying the bird migration here in our area in the Spring

and now again in the Fall!

Taking walks, sketching and painting outdoors

has renewed my health in so many ways.

The response of sharing this and these paintings is telling me to keep going and sharing.

I truly Thank you for this feedback on Social, by email or in person. 

 I also, look forward to meeting more of you

in person at our next Shows!


Art Shows

There is one more weekend to go, for

The Algonquin Park Art Show!

I have one more painting there, if you are interested

please let us know, :)

You can call in to purchase, dm me or email

A Place to Remember, Cache Lake!


Upcoming Local Art Show!

Save the Dates for this Art Show!
I am so happy to say, I'll be at the Open House ready to meet you, :)

Some of my Original paintings will be on display along with many other
very talented artists.

Please join in and welcoming such an event!
It's been so long, we need to rejoice in getting together and celebrating each others gifts.
Covid Protocols are in place, You will need your Proof of Vaccinations and wear a mask.

We really do appreciate all of you who help support the Arts 
and keep Artists working in the Studios!

Looking so forward to meeting Art Lovers!


I forgot to mention at our last Art Show, 
I had the pleasure of meeting 2 young couples 
who are from the area 
and 1 of them was just hired on at Amazon in California!

They were back for a visit
and when I was Volunteering we met. 
What a delight to meet them.

We've actually scheduled dates to go en plein aire painting!
How fun will this be, :)

I also met a lady from the area and her Mother lives out in Alberta.
They hadn't seen each other since Covid began and took in the Art Show together.
How Awesome is that!

They have an eye for Art and it was 
so interesting talking with them.

I am always so grateful for these moments!

Until we talk again, let's keep the conversation going on Social.

Cheers, Lynda xo

Sunday, September 26, 2021

 Hello My Artsy Friends!

There is a lot going on within My Art Practice, Studio & all the New News!

I am over the Moon to share this with you, :)


Accomplishment this month.

Pleased to Announce, this month's painting completed in the Studio!

(It was a rough month with my health, but I persevered!)


A Place to Remember, Cache Lake!

(20" x 24" x 2" on Gallery Canvas)

This painting above, along with  this Algonquin Red Trillium painting,

(12" x 12" x 2" on Gallery Canvas)

will be making their way up to Algonquin Park

next week for an Art Show!

If you are in the area, please take a moment to check out all the beautiful paintings from

so many wonderful talented artists!

 Virtual Gallery

Check it out!

As ever we appreciate all of you who support the Arts!

A good portion of the sales

goes to Friends of Algonquin to help sustain the Park!


Are you Ready?

I am Very Excited to say there are a couple of Local Art Shows

I am Exhibiting in as well!

Migration Sensation

September 29th - October 18th, 2021

Kingsville, Carnegie Hall

Afternoon, Watch!

30' x 40" x 2" Framed

Oils on Studio Wrap Canvas 

Cedar, Waxwing!

9" x 12"

Acrylics Framed


Another,  Local Exhibit!

Town of Kingsville Town Hall

October 1st - December 31st, 2021

Naturally, Framed!

36" x 36" x 2" 

Oils on Studio Canvas Framed


Good News!

The Protector SOLD this month

on the first day of the Art Show it was in!

How Exciting to be sending this painting off to it's Forever Home soon.


One last piece of News for you!

The 1st ever Artist Magazine from pursuit365 is being Published 

Oct/Nov 2021

Featuring 30 Artists & they have included moi in it!

This is very Exciting News & I just had to share it with you. 

Here's the cover!

This Artist Magazine will be sold in Chapter's & Indigo.

If you would like to pre-order through myself

please dm or email me.


 One last thing!

Check out this Video on being a Featured Artist!

Click on Link Below:

Featured Artist!

If you are interested in any of my work and unable to make it to the Art Shows, 

or want to stay incognito!

You can always email or dm me and we can work through the purchase privately.

I do this with some you wonderful Collector's 

and I am thrilled on how many of you 

Continue to Collect my art to hand down to your Family!

Thank you, from the bottom of my Heart! :)

For those of you interested in Commissioning paintings for the Holidays,

Let me know, time's pressing on!

I may be able to do a couple more.

If you are unable to Collect at the moment, share, like or follow!

It means a great deal to see you cheering me on

and when I am painting away, isolated in the studio

you make me smile!

Cheers, Lynda

Friday, August 27, 2021


Hello My Artsy Friends!

There's a lot going on in the studio and we'd like to share this wonderful News with you.

© 2021 Lynda Moffatt / Flower Series / Algonquin, Red Trillium / Acrylics on Studio Canvas / 12" x 12" x 1.5"  / Available 

First I'd like to mention that I've finished a couple of really beautiful paintings and delivered one to it's forever home. 

The painting pictured above is an Algonquin, Red Trillium!

Trilliums have always, touched my soul and this one in particular I was called to paint for an upcoming Art Show in Algonquin Park this fall. 
(unless it sells before it gets there)

These beauties stand tall at about 12 inches and hold their distinctive presence for you to enjoy! Their name encompasses the prefix Tri, encompassing the meaning of three.
Isn't it wonderful, that this plant encompasses, 3 flowering petals, 3 smaller and 3 larger leaves. 
What a wonderous plant of Trilogy to experience.

Out & about on our ventures, we have taken many pictures of the different Trilliums and when I took this picture, the sun had just peeped out.
The convex composition, shadows and lighting accompanied by the flora in the background had me enjoying this painting from it's inspiration to completion.

A little artistic freedom was taken on the colours and placement on the studio canvas to express what I was feeling. My hope is that you as well enjoy this little painting with it's remarkable subject and one day enjoy it's beauty in the studio or in real life.

My vision was to hang this painting on the diagonal, and after signing & varnishing,
I was overjoyed to see you could hang this painting on the diagonal or the square if you choose to.

Choices are good! 

Hopefully this painting brings some light into your day today.


A painting Commission completed!

© 2021 Lynda Moffatt / Commission / Our Family Orchard! / Acrylics on Studio Canvas / 24" x 24" x 1.5"

It truly was an awesome day delivering this painting Commission:  

Our Family Orchard!

This painting began, with a fine request from Frank,
asking for specific details, subjects and colours to tell their Family's Story!

I've been working behind the scenes on this painting for 3 months and happy to say it has
been delivered to it's Forever Home and very well received.

When a Collector hires you as their artist and then makes you feel this special, it's meant to be
and has to be shared.

A few words from Frank and the Family, after they received the painting.

When it was shown to the family and shared the story behind it, everyone was emotional and a bit misty-eyed.

One friend has seen it as it was just delivered and was very impressed by it.

The Red Cardinals representing members of both families are our favourite's!

We all love it!

Keep doing what you are doing, Lynda.

Very, happy you suggested the frame and were able to frame it up as a complete package.

Lynda is Top shelf and we highly recommend her.  I felt Lynda was part of our family from concept to finish.

What a beautiful journey with Lynda for capturing “Our Family Orchards” ❤️

The Abbruzzese’ and Pallotta’ families orchards, Leamington, Ontario.


Have you heard!

The Best of
The  Art Society of Kingsville
is having an
Exhibit and Sale 

Aug. 18th to Sept 6th

This is a Very Exciting Show!
There are many Amazing Artist's in this group and
hopefully you will 
 get a chance to stop by and see their work.


I am over the moon to share 
with you that
One of my Two paintings sold
on Opening Day!
An Eagle painting, entitled:
The Protector!
48" x 36"
 on Studio Canvas

Available at the Show!

I have one other painting in the show
It is an Owl painting, entitled:
Naturally, Framed!
36" x 36"
Framed on Studio Canvas

If you are interested 
in this painting, please let us know.

You can go to the show to purchase it
You can reach out to me at:

Some Collector's want to privately purchase
and I respect this.

I can take payment from you by
Cheque, Cash, M/C or  Visa

Safe curb side delivery
in our local area.

Thank you 

© 2021 Lynda Moffatt /  Naturally, Framed! / Oils on Studio Canvas / 36" x 36" x 2"  / Available 

Save the date!

August 29th between 1-4pm

we are having an opening reception 
with all the artists
and I happy to say, I'll be attending.
(this will be my 1st in person opening in a couple of years!)

I have had both my Covid vaccinations and masks are required.

I am very excited to meet up with you!
If you'd like to chat a bit, let me know,
I'll make sure we do.

See you there if you can make it. If not email me and we'll chat there! 

Cheers, Lynda :)


One more thing happened this month, that was pretty exciting!

I was Featured as one of the Co-Author's in @Pursuit365


I was also, Featured in 3 Art Magazine's! Art News! The Art Guide & Art Week! Whoot Whoot!
thru Camelback Gallery!

These paintings were juried into their International Artists and awarded a 1 year Online Residency.  

Three of these paintings have sold to date!

Magestic, the second image in Artist Portfolio, of a Massive Bull Moose & the next image of a Red Tailed Hawk are available. 

Contact me if you are interested in any of my paintings at:

Thursday, July 29, 2021

 Hello My Artsy Friends!

What's New in the Studio?

Well, it certainly has been a busy month! 

And I am ever so pleased to have completed this painting. 

It's one of the beautiful

Black Swallowtail Butterflies we

were blessed with seeing on one of our walks!

These wonderful creatures are everywhere right now 

and what a pleasure to see them.

New creative idea, 

I loved turning the canvas and working on a different angle!

© 2021 Lynda Moffatt / Avion Series / Black Swallowtail Butterfly / Acrylics on Studio Canvas / 8" x 8" x 1.5"  / Available thru the Artist's Home Studio

You can see more paintings like this by visiting:

Something different ~ Something New!

 Every now and then, I like to do a Spotlight on a past painting and it's story!

This month I chose Life is Good! 
A moose painting already in it's forever home and comes with
an incredible experience.

You can check out some never before seen pictures and video footage at:

Spotlight on the Arts!

A huge Thank you to Haliburton Arts Association for these 

Wonderful Spotlight on the Arts this month!

Studio. Covid, Exhibit updates!

We are both Fully Pfizer Covid Vaccinated and will continue to

stay safe with distance with the community and our Art Practice.

Covid restrictions have been lifted and I'll feel a little more comfortable delivering

artwork still staying safe of course now that we are fully vaccinated.

I am quite, reclusive on a normal basis so I don't see us jetting off anywhere! 

We will be getting ready to participate

 in a couple of Exhibits next month so stay tuned!!

We will update you on Social

and if you are on our mailing list we'll 

be sending out invites and notifications.

These are very exciting times for artists!

For everyone really!

I am grateful I have learned what I have to move my art practice online

and will continue to work in this methodology as best I can.

Although, it will be nice to exhibit in creative ways locally and afar!

Stay tuned for all the upcoming news and here's hoping you are

able to enjoy the arts in person as well sometime soon! 

If not we will definitely be continuing online studio tours, visits and introducing more

options for you.

Stay Safe, 

Lynda :)


I found this interesting, 

I found this from an artist friend and thought it so fitting to share while the Olympics 

are now underway.

I had thought about this and now I know, 

now you know!


"Art competitions formed part of the modern Olympic Games during its early years, from 1912 to 1948. The competitions were part of the original intention of the Olympic Movement's founder, Pierre de Fr├ędy, Baron de Coubertin. Medals were awarded for works of art inspired by sport, divided into five categories: architecture, literature, music, painting, and sculpture.

The juried art competitions were abandoned in 1954 because artists were considered to be professionals, while Olympic athletes were required to be amateurs. Since 1956, the Olympic cultural programme has taken their place."

Saturday, June 26, 2021


Watching this series grow!

What an exciting time bird migration is and

the unexpected chance of seeing a tropical

or Northern bird scoot through our area is quite remarkable.

They may even take some time to feed, rest

and have their young ones here.

Many warblers, orioles, kinglets nests and young ones are being sited.

While giving these wonderful little creatures a helping hand and distance.

We have certainly been blessed with seeing many this year and

 as the rain and hot days are now upon us, now

 I will be painting 

away here in the studio, remembering these wonderful moments and adding them to this series!

Hopefully, able to see more on our ventures out and about!

If you have a favourite let us know and it may get into the series!

What's going on in the Studio!

The completion of  these three studies were done this month, so exciting, :)

Yellow-Rumped Warbler

© 2021 Lynda Moffatt / Yellow-Rumped Warbler / Acrylics / 12" x 9" canvas /  Framed / Original is available through the Artist's studio or visiting

 Male ~ Baltimore Oriole

© 2021 Lynda Moffatt / Male ~ Baltimore Oriole / Acrylics / 12" x 9" canvas /  Framed / Original is available through the Artist's studio or visiting

Cedar Waxwing

© 2021 Lynda Moffatt / Cedar Waxwing / Acrylics / 12" x 9" canvas /  Framed / Original is available through the Artist's studio or visiting

I share their stories on social and email out to my subscribers once a painting is completed.

If you would like to be a part of this wonderful growing community, please sign up to the newsletter to receive a couple of notifications each month on the journey of these incredible creatures that pass through our area!

How we can help them sustain their existence and appreciate them while they are here.

You can sign up via our website at:

Looking forward to seeing you there, :)


I am currently working on a fabulous Commission piece!

Keeping the details, hush/hush until completed.

Although, I would like to share with you as I am painting and talking with you all, 

so many of you have mentioned there is a certain bird, 

place, memory you feel near and dear to your heart of a loved one.

And you want to see it done as a painting. 

These visions, have allowed me to paint this for you!

One of my strong gifts is in seeing your vision through

your storytelling of what you want.

Some wonderful paintings have come from some pretty challenging ideas and concepts.

If this is something you are interested in

I am available via email at:

You can also check out my website on work completed at:

Red Cardinals, seem to be a fav in remembering our family and loved ones.

Be sure to see them coming your way from the studio!

The only thing is, they have been showing up, every day and showing their curious personalities.

It will certainly be difficult to choose which ones to paint!

(what a lovely task to have!)


If you have a favourite bird, you can have one commissioned to be painted

in this series! 

It is amazing what happens when one takes a liking to a certain bird they have seen or have memories with.

Paintings going to New Homes

With all this birding and painting going on, many of the other wildlife and cottage paintings are finding new homes! Yeah to these Collectors! 

Gratitude Moments from the Artist

 I find working in a series keeps me focused on a subject and the joy of painting.

My current series is being worked on in acrylics on canvas with new techniques and mediums.

Learning about each subject and their behaviour, 

habitat and giving you more of their story while helping them is truly what's its all about for me.

The appreciation to continue on I feel is truly humbling,

 from my collectors who value my work, begin or add to their collections of my work studies.

As my art practice continues, we are able to help sustain that which I paint.


 Five of my paintings were juried into the International Artists show and was awarded a one-year online residency with the Camelback Gallery.

(Aug. 2020 - Aug. 2021)

Including many publications with Artist Magazine throughout the year.

There will be more exhibitions added as the year goes on TBD due to Covid.

Covid updates

As covid rules change I will continue to offer free curbside pickup or delivery here locally.

If you order through the website, prints and originals will be shipped safely 

to your door.

As ever, Thanks for stopping by and taking a look this month to see what we are up to!

More wonderful news coming your way next month, :)

Cheers, til then my friends

Lynda xo

Friday, May 28, 2021

 Hello My Artsy Friends!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     Art Studio News!    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Bird Migration Series is growing, :)

Mr. Swallow

was sold within a couple of hours of posting!

(Yeah to the Collector!)

The Spring Bird Migration is definitely upon us and we have spent some wonderful mornings, afternoons & evenings walking about enjoying the many species.

It is tough to sleep in, this time of year, eh!

Very inspiring to get up to music in your ears and every now and then, wondering what sound that is? A new bird? Jump starts your day for sure.

We find ourselves, eating breakfast and most meals, outdoors to see the sights and watch them flutter by. It's like a highway through here this time of year!

For a moment you may catch a glimpse, or they may even stop for a drink, a bath and take in some nourishment for their travel onwards.

I can hardly express how much this year has meant to me to watch the spring migration in all it's glory!

Maybe it's because of Covid it means more. I am happy to say we are now Vaccinated and heading out of our 3rd lockdown here in Southern Ontario, Canada.

For whatever reason, I feel blessed to be able to share this with you!

I will continue with the Spring Bird Migration in between Commissions.

If there happens to be a specific bird you are looking to acquire, let me know and we'll see if we can get it painted for you.

You see this entire series of bird paintings come from reference photos we have taken, birds we have ventured out and seen. 

Observed their behaviour and sketched to know the species painted.

This is a very Unique Opportunity for you to start to Collect my work, Add to your Collections


Purchase a gift for a Loved one!

Shipping of the painting can be right to them for you or as a gift specially

packaged for a spouse or special person in your life.

We continue to have safe, free curbside delivery & pickup.

(Scheduled in advance)

These little paintings are being sold for $200.00 all included!

Comes with a Black Frame shown and No extra HST.

(Delivery if shipped is extra, cost depends where the painting is shipped to)

If interested in any of the above you can email me at:


order online at:

Take care everyone & continue to stay safe,

Lynda :)

Friday, April 30, 2021

 Hello my Artsy Friends!

Spring is really happening, here.

Each day the weather differs and within each day, you may experience 4 seasons, no kidding! 

It sure is fun to live in Ontario, especially,  this time of year.

As I write this to you, we are back to warmer temperatures and hopefully, a long spring to enjoy it's many splendours. Rain & sunshine is helping to push out those buds and bring on the leaves.

Welcoming in many species of our annual Spring Bird Migration.

We have certainly been out & about seeing many a sightings and posting our top favs on Social.

Hope you've had a chance to check them out.

_____________     Art Studio News!     _____________

There's a New Series starting in the Studio!

Introducing: Erieau, Red

 © 2021  Lynda Moffatt / Erieau, Red / Acrylics on Studio Canvas / 9" x 12" Framed / Available thru the Artist's Studio 

What a delight it was to paint this Red Headed Woodpecker!

Over the year's we have seen a few Red Headed Woodpecker's and this one in particular we seen at Erieau, just last spring, hence the name!

This year, we observed another in the garden as we were attending to cleaning things up and shared a video with you on Social,  just last week.

We could certainly, hear him long before we saw him!

Seeing him on a tree in the garden was a reminder, to leave something for his species survival. The more research I did on them, the more I learned and thought it would be a good idea to share here with you to give some insight into how to help them exist. 

You see they have continued to decline over the past 20 years here in Ontario. Needing dead wood for their existence, as this is a necessity of life for them. They also, enjoy black oil sunflower seeds and a bird house if you are able to put one out.

Research shows,

They are Near Threatened (Population decreasing)

Red-headed woodpecker/Conservation status as of April, 2021.

I hope you enjoy the painting and a little information on them as well! :)

This guy is just the beginning of the Spring Series that will include many

small Song birds and their story that we see this year.

Ooh, and how to pick which ones to paint, eh! 

Well, that will be done in the days to come as we observe the many species, headed our way.

Extra Extra! 

So Excited to share with you, I received my copy of the book Pursuit 365

Featuring Myself & 364 Canadian woman co-authors!

Pursuit: 365 is an all inclusive book co authored by 364 Canadian Women from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island, from all walks of life. The book includes @JannArden , @BifNakedofficial , @ToscaReno , Celebrity Stylist @stylebykimxo, moi and so many more!! Every day in 2021 I will be reading one of their inspiring stories.

This book sold out on the day of launch over Amazon and will be

selling at Chapters soon. A percentage of the monies are going to Affordable Housing to help those in need & to feel respected having a safe place to live.

If we can help those that need help it is truly a Blessing.

Documenting our journey with covid

Here we are 1 year into covid and in our 3rd lockdown in Ontario. 

I personally, have now celebrated 2 Birthdays in covid lockdown. 

We are keeping Safe and as Isolated as possible except for essentials. 

We will be getting Vaccinated this coming week. 

Keeping our mental health, physical health and spiritual health in check each day.

Our hope is that you are able to do this as well. We are here if anyone needs to reach out and talk.

I believe, we will get through this.

With Prayers and our Belief we can get through this together. Other Countries are showing this is working for them. I am more than hopeful at this point.

History from our Elders (story telling if you will)

Kevin's Mother and I was chatting as we do. And she spoke of stories when the Influenza pandemic hit their home. She remembers her Mother Praying with siblings in highchairs at the kitchen table before meals. It was their daily ritual to Believe and Pray. They made it through. 

What will the next generation hear about our pandemic. Something, to think about, eh!

Artist's thoughts

As an artist and an introvert, I do require alone time, possibly more than most to work on my studies. It is truly is my norm, something I have become used to and need to schedule into my busy life.

I prefer it actually, and obtain balance with Kevin making sure, I get out as often as I can to enjoy our surroundings. 

I do believe, you give some things up as artist. You begin to focus on the reason why you are here if it's your calling. You need to paint, if it is. The day is not the same if you don't. 

Writing, has become a major part of my practice now as well and helps to communicate my thoughts, feelings, expressions as we go along our journey here.

With this being said,  I would like to Pivot the conversation in even another direction.

I was always taught if you can't be anything, be nice! 

This continues to be my go to, no matter who you are.

There is World News going on, in which saddens me. 

We are experiencing so much hate for cultures around the world 

There seems to be good conversation about this and I hope it continues.

There is real work needed here. Let's embrace each other and get real about helping and taking care of one another. 

I know we cannot all be perfect, but I do believe deep down inside we do know the difference between right and wrong. It is our choice to make the right decision on how we act especially towards another human being.

My goodness, even birdwatching will teach you that lots of different species can live in harmony!

I hope we can learn this, every life matters.


I received a Testimony this past week.

A Collector of my work shared a special story with me this

month and asked me to share it with you, saying it might help others.

I agreed.

You see this person was in a very dark place for a few weeks and they were not sure how to get out of it.  At first they didn't want help or to try anything different. Then, a light came on when they saw one of my posts!

They decided to purchase a painting they had watched me paint and have been looking at since, I completed it.

They told me, by observing the painting, they actually marveled over the workmanship that went into it and this is what has brightened up their days! It has become a study of theirs now. You see I also worked with this person and they know how much work went into our day job. They could only imagine the work that went into the painting as well.

Wow, is all I could think and appreciated them for letting me know, that

something I created helped them more than I could have ever imagined.

I will keep this close to my heart, while painting in the studio for certain.

To have someone let you know how you have helped them,

it is truly humbling! 

I have always felt this is my passion, the reason why I am here.

Testaments like this, drives my soul to do more.

Take care my friends, Stay Safe.

Lynda :)