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Friday, April 30, 2021

 Hello my Artsy Friends!

Spring is really happening, here.

Each day the weather differs and within each day, you may experience 4 seasons, no kidding! 

It sure is fun to live in Ontario, especially,  this time of year.

As I write this to you, we are back to warmer temperatures and hopefully, a long spring to enjoy it's many splendours. Rain & sunshine is helping to push out those buds and bring on the leaves.

Welcoming in many species of our annual Spring Bird Migration.

We have certainly been out & about seeing many a sightings and posting our top favs on Social.

Hope you've had a chance to check them out.

_____________     Art Studio News!     _____________

There's a New Series starting in the Studio!

Introducing: Erieau, Red

 © 2021  Lynda Moffatt / Erieau, Red / Acrylics on Studio Canvas / 9" x 12" Framed / Available thru the Artist's Studio 

What a delight it was to paint this Red Headed Woodpecker!

Over the year's we have seen a few Red Headed Woodpecker's and this one in particular we seen at Erieau, just last spring, hence the name!

This year, we observed another in the garden as we were attending to cleaning things up and shared a video with you on Social,  just last week.

We could certainly, hear him long before we saw him!

Seeing him on a tree in the garden was a reminder, to leave something for his species survival. The more research I did on them, the more I learned and thought it would be a good idea to share here with you to give some insight into how to help them exist. 

You see they have continued to decline over the past 20 years here in Ontario. Needing dead wood for their existence, as this is a necessity of life for them. They also, enjoy black oil sunflower seeds and a bird house if you are able to put one out.

Research shows,

They are Near Threatened (Population decreasing)

Red-headed woodpecker/Conservation status as of April, 2021.

I hope you enjoy the painting and a little information on them as well! :)

This guy is just the beginning of the Spring Series that will include many

small Song birds and their story that we see this year.

Ooh, and how to pick which ones to paint, eh! 

Well, that will be done in the days to come as we observe the many species, headed our way.

Extra Extra! 

So Excited to share with you, I received my copy of the book Pursuit 365

Featuring Myself & 364 Canadian woman co-authors!

Pursuit: 365 is an all inclusive book co authored by 364 Canadian Women from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island, from all walks of life. The book includes @JannArden , @BifNakedofficial , @ToscaReno , Celebrity Stylist @stylebykimxo, moi and so many more!! Every day in 2021 I will be reading one of their inspiring stories.

This book sold out on the day of launch over Amazon and will be

selling at Chapters soon. A percentage of the monies are going to Affordable Housing to help those in need & to feel respected having a safe place to live.

If we can help those that need help it is truly a Blessing.

Documenting our journey with covid

Here we are 1 year into covid and in our 3rd lockdown in Ontario. 

I personally, have now celebrated 2 Birthdays in covid lockdown. 

We are keeping Safe and as Isolated as possible except for essentials. 

We will be getting Vaccinated this coming week. 

Keeping our mental health, physical health and spiritual health in check each day.

Our hope is that you are able to do this as well. We are here if anyone needs to reach out and talk.

I believe, we will get through this.

With Prayers and our Belief we can get through this together. Other Countries are showing this is working for them. I am more than hopeful at this point.

History from our Elders (story telling if you will)

Kevin's Mother and I was chatting as we do. And she spoke of stories when the Influenza pandemic hit their home. She remembers her Mother Praying with siblings in highchairs at the kitchen table before meals. It was their daily ritual to Believe and Pray. They made it through. 

What will the next generation hear about our pandemic. Something, to think about, eh!

Artist's thoughts

As an artist and an introvert, I do require alone time, possibly more than most to work on my studies. It is truly is my norm, something I have become used to and need to schedule into my busy life.

I prefer it actually, and obtain balance with Kevin making sure, I get out as often as I can to enjoy our surroundings. 

I do believe, you give some things up as artist. You begin to focus on the reason why you are here if it's your calling. You need to paint, if it is. The day is not the same if you don't. 

Writing, has become a major part of my practice now as well and helps to communicate my thoughts, feelings, expressions as we go along our journey here.

With this being said,  I would like to Pivot the conversation in even another direction.

I was always taught if you can't be anything, be nice! 

This continues to be my go to, no matter who you are.

There is World News going on, in which saddens me. 

We are experiencing so much hate for cultures around the world 

There seems to be good conversation about this and I hope it continues.

There is real work needed here. Let's embrace each other and get real about helping and taking care of one another. 

I know we cannot all be perfect, but I do believe deep down inside we do know the difference between right and wrong. It is our choice to make the right decision on how we act especially towards another human being.

My goodness, even birdwatching will teach you that lots of different species can live in harmony!

I hope we can learn this, every life matters.


I received a Testimony this past week.

A Collector of my work shared a special story with me this

month and asked me to share it with you, saying it might help others.

I agreed.

You see this person was in a very dark place for a few weeks and they were not sure how to get out of it.  At first they didn't want help or to try anything different. Then, a light came on when they saw one of my posts!

They decided to purchase a painting they had watched me paint and have been looking at since, I completed it.

They told me, by observing the painting, they actually marveled over the workmanship that went into it and this is what has brightened up their days! It has become a study of theirs now. You see I also worked with this person and they know how much work went into our day job. They could only imagine the work that went into the painting as well.

Wow, is all I could think and appreciated them for letting me know, that

something I created helped them more than I could have ever imagined.

I will keep this close to my heart, while painting in the studio for certain.

To have someone let you know how you have helped them,

it is truly humbling! 

I have always felt this is my passion, the reason why I am here.

Testaments like this, drives my soul to do more.

Take care my friends, Stay Safe.

Lynda :)

Friday, March 26, 2021

Spring Inspiration 2021 Video

Click the above link to see our Spring video of Bird Migration happening

right now

 in Southern Ontario! :)

As you may know, we've been enjoying this Spring with walks around our area and we've put together a nice video for you of wonderful creatures we've been fortunate to see.

You will find song birds that have migrated to the area along with Sandhill Cranes, Eagles, Hawks, Ducks, Killdeer, Mute Swans and Deer.

Such a delightful part of our day to observe & capture them on video/pictures.

What a blessing to be able to share them with you here.

Hope they make your day as much as they do ours!

Enjoy! 🙂

Follow us on our nature, wildlife & painting journey on Social!

You won't miss out on anything, as more of these wonderful creatures will be

migrating into the area. We will post pictures of what we see weekly there!

The painting list of what I want to paint next is compiling

and I want to switch things up a bit!

Stay Tuned!

What you can expect here.

I'll have a Monthly blogpost from the Studio sharing,

What's New in the Studio, What's just off the Easel and What amazing

wildlife adventures have given us inspiration.

Til then, stay safe and enjoy!

Lynda :)

P. S. Patiently awaiting my copy of the book Pursuit365! delivery.

If you haven't heard, I am one of 365 Co-Authors of this Amazing book

Published by Shelly Lynn Hughes

Watch for the video on the day I receive it!

So excited!

Saturday, February 20, 2021

 " Welcome to our Virtual Art Studio Tour! "

          Lots of changes have happened, since the last time we produced one of these, 
                                                        just over a year ago.
Since then, we have been in a lockdown due to covid-19 (twice) in the second wave of this pandemic now. The World has changed and we are all affected by this. There is now a vaccine being rolled out and starting to be given.

My hope is that you are all doing okay within these times.
We will never be 100%, but we can certainly try to help each other
get through this.
One of the pivotal moments in life is deciding what you stand for.
Why are you here?
As an artist one of the reasons I believe I am here is to paint and bring light into your world.
My work has had many faces over the years, painting wildlife and nature brings on a new dimension as we all are here to endure.
Taking some time off from painting canvases. I ventured to spruce the place up even if no one could enter. We are still here and need to enjoy our space.
So, I spent many weeks painting walls, cupboards and framing more Original paintings.
It feels good to enjoy the space you are in and it helps with self care.
As many Originals left last year, the walls were certainly getting bare after the Holidays.
I remember a Collector asking me, I bet I cleared you out, eh!
I wondered if I was going to be able to fill the walls again or need to paint up storm.
I can hardly wait until you see the newly painted walls
and the Originals on display right here at my home studio.

If you would like to know more about any of them, you can send me an email or check them out on the website at:

Enjoy this video and share with those you think may enjoy seeing it!

                                    I feel compelled to discuss Self Care and
                  how you may be doing during these times we are all going through.

Never before has Art Therapy meant so much!

There are all kinds of therapy, music, art, etc.

I believe both art & music have helped me through my years.

Living in Ohio, back in the 80 & 90's,
I was introduced to Art Therapy at Ohio State University, where they were teaching this.

We had students of both Universities, in Ohio working in the gallery I helped manage and we learned a great amount from each other. We all learned, worked together and helped each other while growing a Gallery.

It is times like these we are faced with, that take you back to your tool box and get out what you need to cope.

Working at home, allows me to listen to music, if I choose too. Take nice breaks, stretch, walk and look at the birds that might stop by or even take a few moments to study my artwork. 

Artwork is known to relieve so much.
It's quite a study on it's own.
And if you are interested, I'll definitely share more of this.

Working a schedule for your work, (if you have a day job),
your art or hobby and your self care
is so very important especially in today's world
and everything that is going on.

When anyone of these  are out of balance,
this is where I find myself working.

We really need to have a good support system in place.
I can only hope that you have, good friends & family that help you when needed.

It takes years of growth in all areas.
It's a healthy relationship when you may not even know you need help and someone cares enough
to let you know.

These are precious times we are all living in.

I for one am here if you need me.

Take care, stay safe,


Fast Approaching is this Incredible Book Launch!

We are so excited to be launching Pursuit 365!  Our Publisher is publishing a book called @pursuit_365 on March 8 which happens to be International Women's Day. Every day in 2021 we will be featuring one of the 365 Canadian women who are co-authors in the book.  

Wonderful Opportunities, do happen!

I've accepted to take part in an incredible book called Pursuit365. 

You can Follow @fresh_mag and each day throughout 2021 you will see one of the talented contributors to this book...each with an incredible story to share. 

My story is scheduled to roll out on Tuesday August 2, 2021....I look forward to sharing this with you. 

In celebration of International Women's Day, Pursuit: 365 is a book co authored by 365 Canadian Women from all walks of life including Jann Arden, Tosca Reno, Goderich’s very own Kimberley Payne and myself!

In the meantime... read on ❤️

Posted @withregram • @fresh_mag Pursuit 365 

Thank you, for allowing us to come into your inbox and share our journey with you!

Looks like I am off to do some Framing and then some painting.
Working on a New Series to share with you and their stories
are sure to delight, inspire and educate.

To everyone, who loves art and likes, comments or shares my work Thank you,
it truly makes a difference each and everyday. 🙂

Stay Safe, 

Saturday, January 2, 2021

What an Amazing way to start 2021!

I've accepted to take part in an incredible book called Pursuit365. 

You can Follow @fresh_mag and each day throughout 2021 you will see one of the talented contributors to this book...each with an incredible story to share. 

My story is scheduled to roll out on Tuesday August 2, 2021....I look forward to sharing this with you. 

In celebration of International Women's Day, Pursuit: 365 is a book co authored by 365 Canadian Women from all walks of life including Jann Arden, Tosca Reno, Goderich’s very own Kimberley Payne and myself!

In the meantime... read on ❤️

Posted @withregram • @fresh_mag Pursuit 365 Day 1

We are so excited to be launching Pursuit 365!  Our Publisher is publishing a book called @pursuit_365 on March 8 which happens to be International Women's Day. Every day in 2021 we will be featuring one of the 365 Canadian women who are co-authors in the book.  

You know, I am a firm believer, we are stronger together!
Inspiring, Sharing & Growing

Sharing my experience with you here regarding,
 Online Representation!

During these most difficult times we have all faced over this past year,
 I can honestly say
it feels good to have moved over to online representation.

It is quite a learning curve, although it has been something 
I have been working on for years behind the scenes,
so the transition was a natural fit for me.

I am quite shy, and have climbed into my cocoon while smoothly!

One of the greatest Pros, to 
 being online is, it allows me to work on a structure I create and can fit in anytime.
(I continue to do a few shows each year as it allows me to visit the area I paint)

There are
many skills needed in order to achieve the goals set for any business especially in art business.
 I have been fortunate to be drawn to the right courses to take and learning the skills needed to take my journey further.

We are nothing without knowledge and in the art biz field, we have to create
our own roadmap.
There is no given plan that works 100%.
But, you can certainly give it your best try!
You can learn from the best, and also, I have found more over than not,
to go with
your best judgement or instinct.

This past year, during one of the worst years in history was actually,
our best year to date for the Arts!
Created more work, sold more paintings and met some of the best people 
who support and care about the arts on such a deep level.

With this being said, I'd like to say, we moved more over to Social Media 
have a kick ass Website, and Marketing Team!

During covid & lockdowns, we continue to sell Originals from the Studio
and online presence with:
Camel back Gallery continues to Host my work & myself as their International Artist of the year 
(1yr. online Residency until Aug. 2021)
Roam Gallery represents my artwork as well & I will be
a part of a few of their up and coming shows this year!
Very exciting, to say the least.

We also, should take time to reflect on works of the past year.
This helps us reflect, grow and see our work together.

Top 9 paintings of 2020!
 (here are my picks)

We are always so busy doing, creating, making taking a step back and seeing our creations all together each year really drives home the reason we are here and the meaning of what we are doing.
If it's your Passion, you are meant to do it no matter what! There will be a way for you to do it. 

Feeling Blessed to be able to carry out my vision.

Appreciate and Thankful for everyone who continues to
support my efforts & journey in the arts.
From my peers & colleagues to my friends & family!
To my art buyers & collectors you mean more than I can say.
You are the reason, I am here. We are leaving a legacy together for all these creatures and land they reside in.
To everyone, who loves art and likes, comments or shares my work Thank you as well! All of you make a difference each and everyday. 🙂

Stay Safe, Lynda

Thursday, December 31, 2020

 Happy New Year!


We've waited for this day for a long time!

Yeah, it's here, :)

Wishing you all the very best this year can bring.

Looking forward to talking and sharing more with you soon!

Til then, take care and continue to stay safe.


Friday, November 20, 2020

 Hello My Artsy Friends!

"Happy November"

Some of us have had our Thanksgiving 

(in our little bubble)

And others

are going to be having theirs.

Where ever you are & what ever you are doing,

we wish you the best this year can offer.

It's been a crazy year for sure,

but I totally believe

there is always something to be Thankful for.

New Opportunities can come at the worst of times.

We were fortunate to be moving onto an online presence

when Covid hit.

We are Thankful for these upcoming,


My 1st Online Solo Art Show


Roam Gallery!



Check it out by clicking this link!

1st Online Group Show!

This High/Low Show has some great Artists

and Artwork at very reasonable prices.

Here is a sneak peak of what I have in this Show!

Check it out by clicking this link!

Time spent in the Studio!

is very rewarding.

Enjoying, Oxtonque Lake!

© 2020 Lynda Moffatt / 9 " x 12" on Studio Canvas / Framed / Available through the Artist's Studio 

This is the 1st of 3 little paintings 

being done this month as the Memory lingers on from the lake.

Found Treasures!

We uncovered 5 more paintings 

of Wet-on-Wet techniques.

Check them out! Georgian Bay Series

If you are interested in any of the Available Studio paintings,

send me an email:

DM or text me.

This year has had a lot of 1st's for all of us.

Appreciate everyone who has shopped 

local & who will be shopping local

with their favourite shops.

(I can only hope, I am one of yours!)

Looking forward to sharing more with you as we grow

in this online presence together!

If you need a painting delivered locally we offer safe curbside delivery.

(free of charge)

Also, our prints are all shipped from our framer

with Covid precautions at the forefront for the safety of all.

You can check these out at: 

Lynda Moffatt's Fine Art Website

Any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out, we are here

to help you get the painting(s) that you want to purchase.

Ooh, and before I forget 

You Save 20% off by joining our Newsletter 

(Just go to our website & Sign up!)

Sign up for 20% OFF!


did I say,....

No Taxes!

That's right!

No Taxes, :)

Hope to be talking with you soon,

Lynda :)

Thursday, October 29, 2020

 Hello My Artsy Friends!

We're rounding out the last few days here in October and I thought I would share

some of our Autumn/Fall with you.

 For certain, the leaves on the trees have been a tremendous Glory

to watch over the past few weeks.

God's colour palette is so inspiring!

Some leaves we found & arranged in Algonquin Park!

(took photos and left them as they were)

Today the wind has picked up & some of the leaves are starting to fall and collect

on the ground.

Took a small recording to remember this in a couple of months.

 It has literally snowed to the North of us an hour away in (London) & we have seen frost on

the roof tops and the pumpkins here in Chatham\kent.

But, hey we won't talk about that now, eh!

Let's enjoy this Autumn/Fall Season as we have it.  :)

Even better we can move back to summer if you like.

If you haven't had a chance to see me painting in Algonquin,

here's a little video we put together for you to enjoy!

Click here to see Lynda painting in Algonquin!

All these wonderful moments placed before us to embrace & share.

Keeps us humble and knowing it is all meant to be.

Thank goodness I was also directed to study more art business over the last few years.

Which has lead me more and more to the internet and social media.

It also has allowed us to

 keep in touch with you, friends, neighbours, family and run a better business

with more opportunities online.

At the time, my mind was wondering, is the right thing to do?

Now I am so Thankful! 

Listen to that inner voice, it will definitely direct you to where you are supposed to be.

Now on to,..

Exciting, New News!

We have a few New to You items to share & a couple of Art Shows

finishing up, & New ones for you to look forward to.

So, without further ado, here's our Current Art Agenda!

The High/Low group art show with Roam Gallery is running between 

Event Dates: Oct. 13th, to Dec. 31st, 2020

Finishing up is the group art show with ECOAA in Algonquin Park!

SHOW DATES: Friday, October 2nd through Sunday, November 1st, 2020

My 1 year, Online Residency, with Camelback Gallery 

continues as their Featured Artist for the International Artist of the year continues.

Event Dates: Aug. 2020 to Aug. 2021

*** Upcoming Solo Show TBA Soon! ***

Til, next time,

Stay Safe and within your little circle.

Lynda :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Hello All My Artsy Friends!

It's been an unusual Month in the studio with all the busyness and wondering while preparing for shows that may happen or may not happen!

Solitude, Creativity & Growth, are definitely the key words for me this month in the studio.

I am sure you can relate as we are all still going through this Covid-19 Turmoil. 

My hope is that you are doing well, within your bubble & staying safe.

Bringing some Light into your day is why I feel I am here.

Sharing my artwork and their stories, brings hope and happiness.

So, without further ado, I Introduce to you:

 " Moose on The Rocks!"

This acrylic painting's inspiration came from a visit to Algonquin Park in 2019. 

It was in the wee hours of the morning, when Kevin commented

this would be a great time to possibly see a Moose.

Now Kevin has done this before, at like 4:00 am and off we go.

He has a very keen sense of when we might have a wildlife encounter and sure enough each time we see something very special.

Just like in this case, we are driving down Hwy #60 and we see a vehicle up ahead, so we slow down even further, to see if they need our assistance. Do they need help! They are now right in the middle of the Highway. Of course they are, there is a Massive Moose crossing the road.

They took some pictures from their vehicle and off they went.

By the time, we actually were able to see the Moose cross over,

he was headed up a long laneway, it was beautiful!

I got out of the car, walked down the highway a bit and this Bull Moose was absolutely an incredible animal to see.

 He must have been up on the rocks, a few stories high. What a great view of him this was.

All nestled in peering down at me. 

I knew then, I just had to paint this!

The fall leaves were on and the colours and setting was just perfect!

I couldn't have put this composition together!

But, I know who could,... absolutely!

No one else around to even remotely see this and so it was meant to be painted and shared with you. 

After knowing we were not in his harms way, he trotted up the lane for quite always. He then went into the woods, stopped & looked back at us. 

I will remember this always.

Hope you enjoy his story and his painting!

Here is a YouTube video we put together for you of Moose on the Rocks! 

Click here to watch YouTube Video!

Upcoming Exhibit:

Very Exciting News to Share with you!

The 28th Annual Mystery of the Park

Exhibition & Sale of Original Fine Art!!

Here are the paintings that have been excepted from myself!

There are going to be some Amazing Artists here. 

If you have the Opportunity to be in this area during the Show,

This is definitely a must see.

Social Distancing and Health measures are in place with 

Algonquin Park Visitor's Centre!  

What a great way to experience Art! :)

In Algonquin Park, in the Fall, where all this Inspiration comes from!

Well I believe that's all the News for now.

Look for upcoming events, New paintings and more stories from Algonquin as

we leave for another adventure soon!

Thank you as ever to everyone for all your support.

I believe we are having record sales this year so far 

and look forward to giving you more artwork to replace what has left.

We also keep our website up to date and offer prints of the Originals Sold as we can.

Take Care & Stay Safe!

Til next time, k

Lynda :)


Friday, August 28, 2020

 The Story of The Baby Swan & how it came to be!

On our back road day trips, we found many pairs of Mute Swans. Migrating in & calling this area home again. Marsh areas, lake sides, quite different locations really. While, taking pictures, documenting & sketching them, they really did become our focus.

We chose a few pairs and followed them closely. Some pairs, their siblings made it and some did not.

I became very close to a few babies, I was destined to paint, these little fluffs who will grow up to endure so much.

We watched, them take their first swim, and tire out to catch ride home tucked under their Mother's wings.

Then one day, there were no more, baby swans when we went to 

sketch them. 

It broke my heart. 

Those darn Snapping Turtles!

 I couldn't dare to paint a baby swan as the ones we watching,were the ones, I wanted to paint. 

I was crushed. I only paint what I see and It was not going to happen this year. I was sure, it was meant to be. I guess it wasn't. 

I succumbed, that painting the adult Swans is what was meant for me to do.

Secretly, knowing the painting I imagined in my mind. 

(which happens quite often)

It's like having a dream of the painting, painting it in my dream & then I see it in person for real. And then I really, get to paint it.

Well, to my surprise the following day, that this happened. I was talking with a colleague who knew we were watching pretty closely the same pairs of swans. She mentioned, they found another family, just down the trail. She was so excited, and I was so looking forward to seeing what she saw that day.

I then told her my story and she said you have to see these little guys they are so cute. 

She also, so graciously offered any of them for me to paint. 

How kind I thought and really didn't think any more, because who would have a picture of what I have in my mind on what I wanted to paint.

So, Later that evening, I went home and she sent me some photos. I opened them excited for her and the wonderment of what would she have seen.

Oh My God! There he was. Baby Swan!

I couldn't believe it!

The painting was going to happen.

I must have asked her a million times are you sure and she said of course I am sure you can paint this picture! 

So, with out further ado I am Introducing Baby Swan!

Original Painting by Lynda Moffatt all rights reserved.

Original Photo Taken by Kelly St. Pierre.

Thank you, Kelly!

I sure couldn't have done this without you, your kindness & sharing!

I hope the world Loves him as much as we do.

Ooh, & that other little sibling, is tucked up under his Mother's wing. Getting a ride home from their first venture out.

I will end this story by saying again, there is reason, why you meet people and what they offer to you. 

Their gifts, help your gifts  as your share your calling in Life!

This happened to me, now 3 times!

Including, Lisa, Dave & Kelly.

God Bless you all for giving me, what I needed, to give my gift to the World! We are not meant to do this alone. Your Angels find you, and give you what you need. God makes sure of this!

When he declares, you are to do this, nothing is going to stop you.

Have Faith, Believe you are meant to do what you believe you are here to do. There is a way, it will come to you.

Stay Safe, til we talk again next month!

Lynda :)

P.S. Here is The Baby Swan's YouTube Video to Enjoy!