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Friday, July 17, 2020

July, 2020

 The Owlet Series, has been completed this month!
Yeah, us!

It truly takes a Village
to inspire, learn, grow & share!

There are 
 a lot of Thank you's in this month's post.

1st off, 
 Thank you Kevin for capturing
the moment of me
Signing the painting, 1st Flight! 

This is the completion of the last painting in The Owlet Series.

Also, Thank you to the buyer of the painting Fluff,
who allowed him to stay in the studio,
while I completed this series.

It is absolutely, wonderful to have them here all together!

Here they are Displayed!
(photo credits again to Kevin!)
Thank you, :)

What a wonderful local community story behind these Owlet's 
& how these 3 owlets were chosen for the painting series!

You see, I was hearing so much about the Local Owls from friends, neighbours & co-workers. 
There was such a buzz going around about them.

Well, I had just completed, two adult Owl paintings and was ready, to paint owlets. 
The timing, just couldn't have been more perfect.
Also, a much needed walk in nature was in store for us.
 So, off we went to the great outdoors to enjoy the sights we should see!

We visited the local park, (Paxton's Bush) now known as O'Neil Nature Preserve. Walking on the trail in hopes of possibly, finding the owls & owlets. 
Meeting several people along the way. Everyone,we met was so very friendly.
Soon we met a couple of photographer's and right away, one of them asked: Are you looking for the Owls? Well yes, I said. They are right over here, he directed us to them.
This was the first time this ever happened to Kevin & I. Usually, the wildlife we encounter is by chance. 

How Wonderful, this was and I couldn't believe my eyes! How adorable, these two baby Great Horned, owlets were! We spent some time with them and took many pictures and videos for reference. It was more of an overcast day, although, I am personally, okay with this for reference pictures. Much better than too sunny for my liking.

So, we were happy, saw the owls, the owlets and it was even going to be their Fledgling day.
(In case you are not aware of this term, it means the owlets will take their 1st Flight!)

This is when the story gets even better!!! If you can believe, it could get better, eh!

We were walking along the trail, just about to leave and walking towards us, comes a gentleman with two larger dogs. Cooper, a beautiful Lassie! I remember. The gentleman excuses, himself and I said no worries, I wasn't afraid of them. 
Explaining, I had many former years of being a Vet tech and Love animals!
 We began to chat about animals in general, in the park and the owlets, we had just seen. 
What an interesting conversation we had. 
I learned so much about the park and the animals that call it home. 
How Proud the Community is of this Park and all that supports it.
How incredible, this was to learn and now know.

 I too, shared with him my story and how I was researching the owls for my upcoming paintings.
 He mentioned, a friend of his came and they took some pictures on a sunnier day. 
The Owlets fledged this day he saw them and those pictures would not be available to take again.  
Ooh, how lovely, I thought! 
We exchanged information and I certainly felt good about meeting this gentleman.
I no sooner got home, and I had received an email from the man I met in the park. 
Including, a note of how nice it was to meet me, including pictures, to use as I please from both himself and his friend. 

I couldn't believe, this happened!
I then opened up the pictures, and was like Oh My God!
These are Professional pictures, taken by someone very Special!
The lightening, was perfect.
The compositions were perfect.
The colours, they too were perfect!

Normally, I wouldn't paint from a perfect picture. 
But, these pictures, Inspired me in a way, I cannot even explain.
They actually, challenged me as an artist.

Now, I have to let you know who these gentlemen are.

The gentlemen, I met in the Park, is Dave Welton and his friend an avid Mentor in the Photography World, is Carson Plant. 

This Owlet Series that I painted, are from their photos. 
So generously shared and given to me, with permission to use as I please.

I truly believe, God puts you in the right place, at the right time, to meet the right People!

I am forever, grateful to have met them, know their story, received their gifts, which allowed me to paint & share my Gift with You!

What a Blessing!

Stories, like this should be passed down as our ancestor's used to tell.
We live on because of these stories.

I will share more stories like this with my next paintings.

Until, then Enjoy these paintings and what they have to offer!

Lynda :)

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Summer is here! :)

Have we ever been busy.

Working on working indoors and online.

As you know, 
so many of the Art Shows, Artist's Talks,
&  Exhibits 
have been cancelled this year due to


So, what's a gal to do?

Well, I was making arrangements to go online more 
and things fell in place to 
Build & Announce my New Website!

This site is super cool!
It offers, augmentation of size,
mat, frame or canvas you would like your print to be.
It also always you to view a painting or a print right on your 
own walls at home!
New Website Promo

use Code "NEWSITE20" to receive 20% OFF
your entire purchase at Checkout!

*** June 29th, 2020 ***
11:59 pm C.S.T
(the offer ends)

If you know anyone who may like to see this, please feel free to share with them!
Tell, them to let me know who sent them to me if they purchase, I would like to Thank you myself. 

Thanks for all your support in the Arts!

Lynda Moffatt

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Hello, My Friends!

As May comes to a close this year, We find ourselves
in more Troubled Waters in this World we live in.

I find the issues we are having, difficult not to discuss each one separately, 
but I also, know you as my friends understand, 
my intent, my passion, my life's purpose
 is to bring some light into this
Especially, During these times!

I am going to say, the waters run deep within my Soul!
It takes deep compassion, courage & inspiration
to try to add Light into your day.

The News, is relevant and I am not ignorant to it.
I choose to create to deflect the negativity of this world
and bring happiness to you.

Please remember,
We can make it better, We can come together,
& We can help each other along the way!

Know I am with you, even if it's only in Spirit, what ever you are going through, I care.

My Hope is for you to have Faith, Love and Perseverance to get through
what you are going through.
And you will be challenged again and again.
Then, too remember what got you through the last time and the time before that, okay!

This is what I believe everyday, 
on the Good days,
the not so good days 
and the days that are in between.

We are all going through this together!
We are experiencing, so much of the same 
emotions & circumstances.
When can you say we have really
ever done this?
 Now, we have, we can understand each other more
 and have compassion for each other more, to be kind and help each other.

The World is changing, in so many dramatic ways.
We must be able to roll with it and yet keep to who we are.
We are already born to who we are, we must remember
there is a reason we are here.
We are something, we mean something,
for living is our purpose to be who we are.

May you grow into you and be safe in your home and live as you should.
There is nothing better than a safe home, where you can be you.

I have certainly, found my safe dwelling here and have 
been busy working from home & I must say enjoying my studio time when I can! 

Now believe me, it's work as well!
But, a work I feel, I must do!
A work, I feel destined to do.
I wouldn't feel the same, if I didn't do it.
You must feel this way about something as well, eh!

When you get up, what calls you?

This time of year, 
In our area, Bird Migration is happening and it is truly a glorious time
to get out and see all these beautiful, lovely creatures
that venture through our area.

We have seen so many colourful species, in trees, near water, on the ground, even peeking at you through the tree buds, leaves & our studio window.
It has really made this year's Spring time at home enjoyable and inspiring.

This year's Spring Migration so far,
holds the record for the most birds, I have ever seen.
Adding in so many rare birds sightings, pictures taken and documented 
with video as well.
Now I am not a counter of birds. 
I love documenting them, in the ways above, recording them,
studying them for future paintings and really to enjoy
time in nature and with all the lovely creatures that call it their home.

It amazes me what you can find in your own community, neck of the woods 
if you get out to explore a little or just go for a walk.

You may see a bird that might of flown off course.
This has definitely happened to us a few times.
Like this year the Loon looking for his partner!
You can see him in our video
we made of the Spring Birds we have seen here locally.

We have taken many pics & videos and if you follow us on social media you may have seen a few.
If you are not on social media, I have compiled a video this month of some of them to share with you.
You can click this link to see our Wildlife Adventure's here:

In The Studio News!

Owlet painting #1 Fluff has been Sold
(prints will be offered soon)

I was able to complete painting #2 of the Owlet Series

Introducing, Double Trouble!

There is a great story on these Owls!

How they came about, where they live
and the gentlemen that helped me.  
I will be sharing this story with you once I have completed the Third and Final Owlet.
He is on the Easel now.

 and looks promising to be done 
around Father's Day!
How appropriate for all!

Stay Tuned! 

As ever, Thank you for keeping up with us as we share our art journey, 
ventures and trivial thoughts.

Stay Safe, if you need to talk, I am here, k :)

P.S. Look for more Exciting News to be happening for Lynda Moffatt's Fine Arts! 

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Wow here we are at the end April!

"Hope you are all doing well"

I am documenting this here, for further generations to know what we are going through
right now and we are uncertain of when it may be over.
All of us together, all around the World, are going through this.
There is really, nothing that binds us together more,
than experiencing the same.

Social Media, more than ever, now plays such an important role.
To keep us together, socially as families, friends, co workers and businesses.

For those reading now, or possibly in the future,  please know, 
there are some of us working & painting from home at this time. 
Trying to Stay as Safe as we can & also trying to keep in good Health to take care of others.

There are Front line Workers, taking care of the elderly, the sick
and everyday we Thank them!

So many people, have been affected by so much lately it is hard to fathom, really.
My Heart Truly goes out to those who have lost their lives over this pandemic 
Covid-19 Virus, and as well to their families.

There are people, who have lost their jobs, loved ones, and possibly sick themselves.

Others have had to endure horrific Tragedy as in the victoms of Nova Scotia.
Their poor, poor families & friends. God Bless You ALL!

We too, lost a very special person recently and find the isolation difficult through this time.

I have found My Faith & Studio again to be my Sanctuary
 through these times of self isolation, now social distancing. 
It feels safe at home and I am keeping busy!
Having Kevin by my side, really is a Blessing! :)
We are enjoying the bird migration in our area,  and it truly brightens the day.

We are spending time, organizing, varnishing paintings, framing paintings and I started painting a new series. 
Hint: Who, might I be painting?

There is always, lots to do and keeps our minds occupied.

I would like to share some pics of this month's productivity and hopefully bring some cheer into your day! 

This is our Hope and Mission,
 as we post on Social Media. To let the News do the News, but let you know where our Heart is.
 As well if we can add some cheer to the day, then we did what we intended to do, eh!

Let's have a few laughs at our masks, we have been wearing, ....

Here's Kevin, spray varnishing The Cottage Series getting ready for framing!

Kevin all ready to get some Varnishing done!

While going through my art supplies and organizing, I found some masks, gloves and material from my airbrushing days, to donate to the many 
Front line workers who we are extremely Thankful for!

We are also offering, free safe curbside delivery.
Here is a couple of Original Paintings 
we just delivered! 

These Originals were just framed, and off they went to their New Home!

I have created a Video this month and here is the Link (above) for you to see more of what
went on in the studio!

The Cottage Series, paintings are completed and framed.

A New Series has begun! 
Very exciting,... :)

On a Final note, as the world becomes even more online, I will be sharing more with you about my process, virtual visits to the studio. (After we paint! Ha, :)) 
I do feel in front of this curve, to have been taking online courses to geer my art and it's growth online. The last several years, I have studied with some wonderful art biz entrepreneur's.

As I share my art with you and grow my audience,
 please know, each of you are cherished by us!
Each Collector is an individual, just like the paintings they purchase.
I spend hours on these paintings, and look for the ideal home for them to go too!
We Thank you, for being a part of this wonderful art journey we are on.

Stay safe my friends,  Lynda :)

P.S. Ooh, you will also find when we are posting pictures online we have come to the conclusion that Kevin & Lynda works best (sometimes, we are not sure who got which one and sometimes one of us sees the wildlife first and the other takes a pic. As we always say, it truly is both of us on this journey, sharing it with you! So, there ya go! Enjoy what Blessings, your day brings and share with us, we'd love to here from you!  

P.S.S. I would also like to Thank all the wonderful neighbours we have and all the friends and family on social media keeping it real! 

P.S.S.S. Subscribe to this Blog and receive an alert for it to keep in touch.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Hello, Everyone!

Sending some Light & Blessings your way
If you are looking for Inspiration,
please read to the bottom!

I hope this Blog finds you & your family well during these most difficult times we are facing.
With Covid-19, it is so very important to 
Social distance ourselves & for some even Isolation is required.

We have never in our lifetimes, seen anything like this before and hopefully never 
will go through any like this again!
Here's Praying for all.

I actually considered, not writing this month really, 
but than came to the realization that we must talk about IT..
Share our feelings and emotions can run high.

As I grew more distant in my Studio,
painting away.
(It hit me)
Shouldn't we communicate as we can?
Through painting, music, writing.
We must share our Light to others!
Isn't that why we are here.

And then, Voila!

Here was another sign,
Some one did something, I have imagined for years!
They literally, wrote music for my paintings.
My very own jingle so to speak.
And I adore it!

Not just anyone was sent to me, but 
Roger Hewett, wrote this Melody for me to use as I please!
Roger is a composer, Music Director, Keyboardist from Leamington,
 who has been with the Cirque du Soleil Corteo show since 2005.
They just returned home from Spain touring, and yes, self isolating!
I am beyond excited
to share this with you!

I introduce to you my Cottage Series paintings.
accompanied by Roger's beautiful music! 

Enjoy! :)

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Wow, here we are! 

It's the last day of February,

Keeping in touch, is the right thing to do especially with all my artsy friends.
Let's cheer each other on and have some fun while we're all doing our thing, eh! 

 I am very excited to share with you about my latest News in the Studio this month 
and introduce to you this month's painting.
(can hardly believe, I had time to paint!)
But, I did,.... :)

Please, say hello to my painting, 

 Another Adventure Awaits

© 2020 Lynda Moffatt / Another Adventure Awaits! / Acrylics on Studio Canvas / 11" x 14" x 2" / Available through the Artist's Studio

A Review of this painting

I posted this on Social Media and
A friend of mine recently posted, she could see herself just sitting here, enjoying the beauty. 
What a lovely compliment for this painting!
Really, just can't get better than that, thank you again for sharing how this painting 
makes you feel. It is why I paint! :)


 This particular painting, is just down from the Oxtonque Lake Narrows on Oxtonque Lake.  
This is one of the Lakes we spend
the majority of our time on. 
This painting series, is inspired by our vacations & trips to this area. 

Reason for Series

I have always loved what goes on at the Cottage, on vacation, inspiring road trips and  
with this being the 100th year Anniversary of the Founding of the Group of Seven, 
I couldn't think of a more fitting, homage to them. Hence the series, began!

You see, I found out that exactly, where we stay, 
exactly where I paint,
the same inspiring surrounding
are where the Group of Seven painted.

A.J. Casson one of the Group of Seven stayed and painted on this exact same lake.
He actually stayed where we stay (there is a cabin named after him) and has inspired so many more trips.
 The group of seven found a lot of inspiration here and I can definitely see why. 

This area continues to inspire artists, photographers & adventuress's at heart.

Every year we make our way to this region, where my ancestors settled in from Ireland. 
We have been fortunate to visit this area, through each of the seasons, and capture exciting moments of inspiration. 

I have been asked if I paint on location or in my studio.
And I would have to say it really depends.
Some of my paintings are done on site, some are painted in my home studio.
 Accompanied by a sketch, a photo, or a video that we've taken at the time. 

Some times, there is only that very quick moment to capture the subject, feeling, colours etc. 
It does help, if you have to go back to the studio, your memory aids you in the painting process as you actually,
 took it all in with all of your senses and you can pull it all back up again.
But, I sure do Love being there in the moment!
Nothing quite like it at all.

Once completed the painting then moves on to you and you are able to feel this beautiful area.
Hanging in your home these paintings allow you to visit this area anytime of year! 
 I feel this is so very fitting as we look forward to Spring and March starting tomorrow.
Contemplating all the activities we will be doing in the warmer weather.
Sights to be seen by the open flowing waters edge.

One lovely, lady wrote to me and said, she used to go to this area all the time with her husband. They Portaged many of  the lakes in this area, that I have shared pictures and paintings of. 
 She dearly loves seeing them as they bring back so many wonderful memories, that she will never get to do again for many reasons.
Although, She also shared, she looks forward to seeing each painting & hearing their stories and anticipates,
 what I will be sharing next!

Wow, how Awesome was this to receive and keep for my inspiration!
 To share in someones life and give them hope that days past have not left and to inspire their existence, .... I have no words but to know, this is all meant for a reason. Far more greater than I will ever know.
And that is exactly why I do it!

All in His Name

My faith, guides me knowing I am on the right path!  
If it is meant to be, he will bring me to it & walk me through it.
He is surely showing me that this year is going to be Great!
When he chooses you, it's no one else's decision.
Believe in yourself and move forward.

Each year New Avenues come my way and this next one is no exception.

Thank you to Roam Gallery and the warm Welcome.
I look forward to you hosting my artwork
 and offering me this wonderful opportunity
at this next exhibit with Fresh Magazine!

Next Exhibit

 Art Vancouver 2020

More News to come as we get closer to the Event!

(please click on the link to see the Portfolio)

Here they are, the top 20 paintings in my Artist Portfolio to date!
For those who are not able to visit my studio, or checkout my website.
 I thought it would be a nice to put my Portfolio up here on You tube for you this month. How cool is technology that we can now reach the world via internet!

Hello from Canada! Let me know where you are from and what you think about my art.
 Looking forward to hearing from you! 

Long goes the days of printing your portfolio out and hand delivering it to Galleries or mailing out disks. We as Artists have come so far and seen so much! Here's a topic for my blog.
So, without further a do,.... let me introduce my portfolio.....
Some of these paintings have recently sold and are marked such. They are getting framed asap. These paintings, will only be shown in person by appointment in my home studio until they leave to go to their forever home. If you would like to make an appointment over the next few weeks to see them in person, please send me a pm.
Pricing on paintings that do not say framed will be set to a higher value in the future, with a floating frame.
Hope you enjoy these paintings and the story they tell.

 til next month
Keep being you, kind, humble, creative in your own way!

 Lynda :)

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

"Happy New Year! Everyone"

It's 2020!

How Awesome is this!

Can you even believe it?
What do you think this year will bring?
I believe it's going to be a great year for so many reasons.
I have also heard that this year is going to be the Year of Vision.
Oh, I am liking the sounds of this. :)
If you know us at all, you know we are all about Wildlife in Nature. And so this year began, with wildlife encounters!

Check this out!

What a Great start to this year! Jan. 1st, 2020 We saw this pair of Mature, Bald Eagles making their nest! I took a few videos as Kevin took some wonderful pictures.We certainly, enjoyed our time with them and look forward to seeing them again! Thought I would share this one with you, enjoy!

Image may contain: sky, bird, cloud and outdoor

Jan. 2nd, 2020

We were able to have another encounter with the pair of Eagles this day! It will be the last time we will visit this pair, to give them there space and grow their Family!They gave us an absolutely incredible amount of photos & videos for our Project.Will share more after the paintings are completed!

Image may contain: bird, sky and tree

 Our next Wildlife sighting was on Kevin's Birthday, Jan. 3rd 2020
we had the opportunity to see and visit with a Wolf!
So, exciting,....

You can read more below:

So, we're driving along a major highway pretty early in the morning and talking about a time, this past year, when I saw a wolf howling at the Full Moon.
Of course, I always look over to see if maybe, we can get a glimpse of him again. Nope, Not today,.... I think to myself as we pass the area. Well, at least I have seen it, I also, think to myself and we carry on our trip.
A little ways down the road, I did see a younger deer, running along a fence next to the highway and then a bright blue Kingfisher! He lit up the day as it was pretty grey and foggy as we started out.
And, on we go, talking and enjoying our journey. All of a sudden, I look over and see an area in a few fields that looks like a wonderful secluded deeper area with a mini forest and think, (if I was a wolf, that's where I would live!) No sooner do I think this and low and behold, there He is! A very large and I mean massive wolf walking across this same field!
Like he just got up and looking for breakfast!
Ooh, I can hardly contain myself to let Kevin know, what I saw! What, are you sure, he says! (he knows, I wouldn't joke about this!) As he starts to pull over from the Traffic.
I have my camera right on my lap as we get out
and start walking back to where the wolf might be now. My instincts told me, if we kept walking, in this direction, we would meet up with him! Sure enough,.... we did!
OMG! Kevin said! Look at this,humongous, Wolf!
He was, Very dark in the face and medium and lighter coloured throughout. He, Looked right at us! There was a barbed wired fence between us but it felt like nothing was. He paced around and we saw him from all perspectives. His tail was unbelievably huge! In weight, I would have to say probably around 125-135 maybe more, the distance between us led me to believe, he could have been as tall as I if he stood up. He was very wet and his hair matted, from the cold/wet evening, but overall looked healthy, unthreatened by us and in his daily routine.
We only stayed long enough to take a few photos and admire his existence!
Wow, is all I can say for this week's encounters!
Here are a couple of pics we took for reference on the distance we were from him. Not the best pics on details of him, but none the less, pics!
I have heard no pic, then no proof, we seen him, eh!
The Memory of this, is larger than life, pics do it no justice.
Hope you enjoy, what was put right in front of us!
I will definitely be doing a painting of this guy! :)

Everything comes in 3's to us and it would not have been the same if we didn't wake up in The New Year to see an entire Family of Red Cardinals sitting in the tree outside. What a beautiful sight! We absolutely, just took in their Beauty with no photos taken.

There you have it!
Our Introduction to this year. I'd say our Vision has been set in place, for this year!

Looking back - Moving Forward

It wouldn't be the same if we don't do a Recap of The Holidays that just past for our Studio News,
We really did go out with Bang!
What a Wonderful, Holiday Season we had in our home Studio/Gallery!
We created our 1st Christmas Home Studio Tour Video for those that are not able to visit in person.
It was so well received and an Testament that it was needed.
Many paintings have left the studio and have spent their 1st Christmas in their New homes!
Some, Originals have sold in the first few days of January and will be leaving soon.
Wow, it is like sharing a part of your Heart & Soul as they leave, a huge part of me goes with them!
I have been asked how I can do this, let them go. I knew going in, to preserve their heritage and help sustain them this would be the process. It is nice to visit my paintings, in your home, office or family's residence and know you too have a Love for Wildlife and what happens to them and their habitat. Thank you for this!If you referred me to someone and they purchased a painting, print, etc. you have enjoyed a gift from me and it is nice to hear you will enjoy using this through the year!
I would like to take this time to say, Thank you to all of you who purchased paintings &/or Framed Giclee prints in 2019 and the beginning of 2020. You have proven yet again, we can grow better together and help educate the next generation to take care of what we have and enjoy life along the way.
We are continuing to build our Paintings inventory to offer you a larger variety! Really, appreciate the orders given and will be getting them ready for you!
What's coming up for 2020?A Cottage Series has begun! I will share some pics/videos of painting them in the process. Thanks for getting me out of my comfort zone and asking for these.
(I think I would have just skipped away and painted all alone, til I met all of you and what a delight you are making this journey!)
I appreciate, the ones of you who stop and talk each day about something that interests you on this art journey. I also, appreciate Social Media for helping keep those communications open.
It is nice to hear from you where ever you are and know what you are expecting from me. I may deliver, if it's within reason, eh! Love the little laughs we have, makes life interesting! Thank you for this! :)One thing I have heard form you is. You have asked for more Owls, Eagles, etc.
I am ready to deliver these,...
Since we were able to engage with these species and take some great reference materials they are on the list for this year!
I really look forward to painting my interpretation of our experiences and sharing them with you..

Community Involvement

Part of sharing in this incredible journey is knowing how to give back and help out where we can.
One of the ways we do this is to hold our Annual Christmas Draw!
The excitement was infectious & overwhelming again this year! Thank you,
We were able to give 3 Framed Giclee canvas prints with liners away this year. One is on it's way to Alberta!
Another is on it's way to the Greater Toronto Area and another was Won here locally in Chatham/Kent! Yeah, to all who Won and isn't Fate Wonderful! Each and everyone of  Winners, actually received the framed print they wanted and what can be better than that. Awesome!

For those who won the framed prints out of town, we incurred the shipping costs so there was no outside cost to winning. What a Blessing this was to be able to do this.
I can hardly wait until they arrive at their new homes! :)

Well, I believe that's all the News we have for you right now.
Looking forward to getting back in the Studio after some time away.

Until, next month, enjoy what this year offers you,


P.S.   If I haven't said it a Million times,.. then I haven't said it enough,... We couldn't do this without you! And how or why would we even want to!This is a Movement,.... let's keep it going! :)

P.S.S. Some of the Proceeds of my artwork goes back to help sustain the wildlife and their habitat. Your name can be included when you purchase, if you wish.

P.S.S.S. New Giclee Prints have just come in! Check them out! 

Let me know what you think! Thanks, :)

Monday, December 9, 2019

Merry Christmas! 

To you and your Family, 

I absolutely, Love, this time of year!
It fills my Heart with Joy, my Soul feels full & the sights and sounds are Glorious!
There is excitement in the air, with all the wonderment of  this Season!

We are seeing, lots of Christmas Trees & Lights going up, making the nights so beautiful with all the sparkle & glitter.
Our Tree and decorations are up as well. 
It's so lovely to eat breakfast and have supper with the sparkly lights on in each room.
These little decorative changes make each day special and
 everyday activities are like a Celebration of Life!
Playing, Christmas music adds the final touch and is enjoyed thoroughly, 
bringing that little extra gift to each day!

Memories, of Christmas's gone by, fill my heart with so much love.
 Remembering, Family truly coming together for each!
Anticipation, of each Christmas, excites me like a child.
Forever, in my heart & soul!

It is wonderful to share more time & come indoors with friends & family! 
Although, venturing outdoors to enjoy nature is still possible in our area, 
the weather is a nice mix of sunshine during the day and the temperatures not to cool, yet. 
A walk in nature or a nice drive to see Christmas lights is a nice treat!
 Coming, indoors to enjoy each other's company,
laughing, telling stories with friends & family over Hot Chocolate, even better! 

Hope you are finding the days sparkling with cheer and 
hopes to spend precious time with friends & family!
These times we truly Cherish and our hope is that you are Blessed as well.

We know life gets real busy this time of year. 
Many have asked to make appointments and visit the studio,
others are not close to here
want the pleasure of visiting online to share with friends and family over the Holidays. 

We are so Thankful for the technology we have and the skill set to use it.
This being said, we have created our 1st ever Holiday Studio Tour for your enjoyment!

You can view it by clicking on this link below

Studio News What's New!

Introducing! New Giclee Prints! 
Framed & Unframed

You can check out more prints and originals on our website click the link below.

There's still time to book an appointment to visit the Studio in person!
Treat yourself or a friend to an Art date, during the Holidays!

Of course, we left somethings out of the video, so you can see them in person!
Works are happening on the easels,.... :)

Contact Lynda by phone, email or private message to book your appointment.

Lynda's Studio Cell: 519.350.0485

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!